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Sunday, September 21, 2014

**Documentary Review: The Incredible Human Machine

The Incredibla Human Machine, National Geographic, 2007.
This is an incredible look at the human body.  It looks at each of the major systems, and describes the importance of that system, usually i more than one way.
It starts with skin.  Skin not only keeps us together, it is also a cooking mechanism.  The individual cells expand when we are hot, which allows for increased cooling.  Also the secret sweat, which encourages evaporation and cools us.  If not for tyhe cooling properties of skin, we would all be sunk.
It then takes a look at each of our senses.  Eyes are the gateway.  The retina of the eye is so thin, yet it had thousands of individual cells receiving images.  In similar fashion, the ear receives myriads of waves, some traveling very fast, which are interpreted by three tiny bones.  The ear also plays an important role in balance and helping us know where we are at.
It is incredible how many taste buds are on the tongue, and if we accidentally burn them off new ones are formed in a couple of weeks.  Touch and smell also play important parts.  Pain is a mechanism to warn us, and is a good teacher.
The digestive system is so intricate as well.  Food gets to the stomach very quickly, and then is slowed down to allow for absorption of minerals and vitamins that we need.  The stomach first slows food down, and then the intestines.  Food slowly escapes through he intestine wall, where the liver is waiting to finish the absorption process. 
Oxygen also enters the body, and is distributed through the lungs to the blood stream.    Sound is made as air is passed over the voice box.  The voice box is two membranes that vibrate and knock against each other at an incredibly rapid rate.  They shows Steve Tyler's voice box, and studied this through a concert.  There were over a million such collisions in one concert.
Our bodies house over 70 miles of blood vessels which carry minerals and oxygen to every cell of the body.  This entire 70 mile system is controlled by one 10 ounce pump called the heart. 
The muscular system was presented in great detail.  Over 200 different muscles make it possible to walk; Back and stomach muscles so we don't fall over backwards or forwards, and then all the leg muscles.  We are an incredibly complex machine. 
Our system of bones can withstand great pressure.  They give us shape.  However bones would not work without joints, and joints would not work without ligaments.  It is all so complex.
Our nervous system and our brains are also a marvel.  We use such a little percent of our capacity.  But we are able to expand our minds.  Just now data is beginning to develop with regards to mapping the brain.  Each individual is distinct, and places in the brain for certain functions can vary  Some of these area, we are just touching the surface of understanding.
In many areas the give glimpses of new advances, sight, heart surgery, brain surgery, joint restorarion, are just a few of the advances we glimpse. 
This movie is truly amazing.  It is impossible to describe the entire system.  However, my conclusion after watching this is :There is a God."  How could such a complex system come together randomly.  We were created in God's image.

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