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Health is taken for granted, until you can't any more. In this blog I hope to put down on paper some of the articles I come across and want to remember, about health. I will be personalizing these articles to apply to me. I am diabetic, over weight, have high blood pressure and tinnitus, so these are the things you will find here. I will include nutrition, exercise, and holistic health, and many other ideas. I work in the health profession, particularly mental health, and have an interest in suicide prevention; so these topics will also be covered in this blog. Please, if you are suffering reach out. Our county health and crisis line is 1-855-278-4204.

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

**Early Patient Engagement Tied to Psychosis Outcomes

Early patient engagement tied to psychosis outcomes by Whitney McKnight Clinical Psychiatry News Nov 2015; from the American Journal of Psychiatry 
This article concludes Integrated, patient-centered treatment delivered earlier in people with first-episode psychosis leads to better outcomes than standard community care.  Dr. Thomas R. Insel outgoing director of the National Institute of Mental health said, “These results demonstrate the importance of early detection, early engagement, and integrated care following the onset of psychosis.”  This is based on a study by RAISE, Recovery After an Initial Schizophrenia Episode.  Key clinical point is that early integrated treatment for firs-episode psychosis delivered in a community setting can help patients stay functional and productive.  Also quality of life is improved as demonstrated by Positive and Negative Syndrome Scale for Shizophrenia. 

There is hope, but early intervention is vital.  This seems a common theme for many illnesses.

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