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Friday, April 7, 2017

Article Review: Facing Up to Sexual Violence

facing Up to Sexual Violence, unattributed, Utah State Magazine, Spring 1027.
This article in the Utah State Magazine talks about the major issue on campuses nation wide of sexual assault incidents, and the efforts of universities to deal with this crisis.  Over 300 universities across the nation are under investigation by The Department of Education Office of Civil Rights as a result.  Utah State has also has its problems.  This article deals with what is happening now to address the issue.  One of the issues is how to address the problem while allowing for confidential reporting.  Utah State has initiated two campaigns, "Consent Is" and "I Will".  As part of the4 "I Will" campaign 4000 students have pledged to do whatever they can to stop sexual violence, and create an environment that is survivors are supported.  It is estimated third parties help prevent over one million acts of sexual violence annually.  This effort wants to get people past being bystanders to stepping in when a crime is taking place.  First the individual must recognize that a crime is taking place.  They must agree that sexual crimes are intolerable.   The pledge is, "I will step in and stop sexual assault."
The "Consent Is" campaign is an educational program to make sure individuals have consent before engaging in sexual activity.  You cannot get consent when the partner is wasted, high or incapacitated.  Consent should be verbal.  Consent can by withdrawn, Consent is mutual.
Recommendations, or things being put into place are, a centralized oversight, educating about reporting options, ensure staff comply with reporting obligations, improve record keeping, improve relations with law enforcement, continually reevaluate.

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