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Health is taken for granted, until you can't any more. In this blog I hope to put down on paper some of the articles I come across and want to remember, about health. I will be personalizing these articles to apply to me. I am diabetic, over weight, have high blood pressure and tinnitus, so these are the things you will find here. I will include nutrition, exercise, and holistic health, and many other ideas. I work in the health profession, particularly mental health, and have an interest in suicide prevention; so these topics will also be covered in this blog. Please, if you are suffering reach out. Our county health and crisis line is 1-855-278-4204.

Thursday, May 15, 2014

__A Healthy Mouth Is More Than a Beautiful Smile

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Your mouth is the gateway to your health.
Regular check-ups with your dentist can reveal more than just cavities. Studies show a link between common oral health problems and chronic conditions such as obesity, diabetes, heart disease and elevated risk for stroke.
Follow these tips to keep you smiling from the inside out:
·         Brush at least twice daily.
·         Floss daily to eliminate plaque and maintain healthy gums.
·         Eat healthfully. Be mindful of what foods you eat and how often you eat them.
For more information on preventive dental health, visit your dental provider’s website:
About “Know Your Health, Keep Your Health”
This annual campaign is to remind you to take advantage of free health screenings available through your benefit providers. Knowing your health status can help you make smarter decisions that will reduce illness and increase longevity.

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