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Health is taken for granted, until you can't any more. In this blog I hope to put down on paper some of the articles I come across and want to remember, about health. I will be personalizing these articles to apply to me. I am diabetic, over weight, have high blood pressure and tinnitus, so these are the things you will find here. I will include nutrition, exercise, and holistic health, and many other ideas. I work in the health profession, particularly mental health, and have an interest in suicide prevention; so these topics will also be covered in this blog. Please, if you are suffering reach out. Our county health and crisis line is 1-855-278-4204.

Thursday, May 8, 2014

**Energy Boosting Food when You're Tired

From the EAP newsletter at work, “EAP Sentry” article "Tired: Try These Energy-Boosting Foods" and my reaction:
 Food I will actually try:
Dark Leafy Greens: A little spinach or Swiss chard in a salad is always nice. I also like the bitter taste of dandelion leaves. The list also suggests topping your sandwich with leafy greens. That is an idea.
Nuts: I love nuts and eat them regularly. However I could be even more regular. I keep walnuts in my desk at work, but only eat them for a snack if I am really hungry.
Oatmeal: This is something I do not eat enough of. The suggestion is to add cinnamon or blueberries. I am more an apples, brown sugar and raspberries kind of a person.

Food I don’t think I will try
Red Peppers: Plain Peppers are not my thing. I do not like this as part of the salad plate. However I like peppers in an omelet, or on a steak sandwich, or in fajitas or stir-fry.

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