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Health is taken for granted, until you can't any more. In this blog I hope to put down on paper some of the articles I come across and want to remember, about health. I will be personalizing these articles to apply to me. I am diabetic, over weight, have high blood pressure and tinnitus, so these are the things you will find here. I will include nutrition, exercise, and holistic health, and many other ideas. I work in the health profession, particularly mental health, and have an interest in suicide prevention; so these topics will also be covered in this blog. Please, if you are suffering reach out. Our county health and crisis line is 1-855-278-4204.

Monday, May 5, 2014

**Don’t Get Stuck on Blaming

Some ideas I gleaned from an article in the “EAP Sentry,” the Santa Clara County EAP newsletter
Don’t Get Stuck on Blaming
Blame keeps us from addressing issues, and improving ourselves.   All of us have been wronged at sometime in our life.  However “Repeated focus on how we have been wronged keeps us stuck in resentment and inaction.” 
In my case, I could focus on how I have been wronged genetically, with the short and stocky gene.  However, short and stocky would be fine, but I am on the short and fat side, or the obese side.  Which leads me to say, how screwed up the obesity chart is, but again that would not be focusing on anything I can do anything about. 
Some of the suggestions this article presents which I like are:
Forgiveness: If we can find ways to forgive others, we can move forward.  Forgiveness ultimately involves compassion and understanding.  This includes forgiving others as well as ourselves for being stuck.
Become Stronger: Become stronger physically, emotionally and socially through exercise, medication, religious or spiritual practice, engrossing hobbies, volunteer work and counseling.
Support network: Cultivate a support network of caring friends and family. 
Responsibility: Take responsibility for our own actions without blaming others.

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